Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Biggest Fears

Wow, February already. I remember when it was Election Day.

Back to the 52-week blogging challenge. Today the prompt is "My biggest fears." I sort of did this earlier, but about global things, not personal things. So I'll do this for personal things.

My biggest personal fears are . . . death and taxes. Well, mostly death. Although taxes are inevitable. And every year I fear I forgot something and the IRS is going to come down on me like a ton of bureaucrats.

I don't like spiders much, especially big ones.

I'm not a fan of big aggressive dogs. When I was younger (maybe 8 years old) a St. Bernard chased me and tried to jump on me. That pretty much made me decide I didn't like big dogs. I've gotten better now. But if they are barking I still don't like them.

Black ice. I hate ice you can't see on the road. You're driving along and suddenly have no grip. My first car accident was caused by black ice. Yes, I've had more than one car accident.

So that's a pretty good list. What are your biggest fears? Comment below.

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