Sunday, October 2, 2016

Do you Believe?

Yesterday was a very good day in the world of sports. Well, it actually started on Friday.

Friday night on ESPN in front of a nation-wide audience the #7 Stanford Cardinal played the #10 Washington Huskies. I was expecting a close game, hard fought, with several lead changes and it might come down to who has the ball last. And if the Huskies lost, it would be close and not drop them too far in the AP rankings.

But it was nothing like that. From the beginning the UW Huskies dominated Stanford. They shut down their star player McCafferty (he had only one good play the entire game), they sacked the quarterback six time (or was it seven, I kind of lost count in all the excitement), and routed Stanford 6 - 44. Stanford made one touch down in the third quarter, went for the 2-point conversion instead of the PAT, and didn't get is. Interestingly, Washington's first PAT attempt was tipped by Stanford and missed. I remember thinking "I hope we don't lose by one point."

Stanford never led, had trouble converting on third downs, and was basically beaten by the Huskies in every way possible.

Then on Saturday, Arizona State and Utah both lost leaving the Huskies the only team in the Pac-12 that is undefeated at 5-0 (2-0 in conference). The Huskies now lead the Pac-12 North. This is the first time they have been 5-0 since 1992 (when they went 7-0). They have won their last eight games going back into last season.

Do you believe in the Huskies now?

Another great thing that happened yesterday is the Seattle Mariners lost, eliminating them from any wildcard contention. They play today and then their year is over.

Finally, the AP rankings came out at 1:00 PM Eastern Time (11:00 AM Pacific Time). And the UW Huskies are #5 in the nation according to the AP poll. That has to be their highest ranking in a long long time.

Stanford dropped to #15 and Utah dropped to #24.

UPDATE: This is the highest ranking UW has had since 2001. And Colorado is now it the top 25 at #21.

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  1. How wonderful for you, Evan! Now this past weekend was a very, very, very good time to be a UT Vols fan as opposed to being a Georgia fan. What a game!!!! My son said they were going to give him a heart attack, they keep playing like that.