Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Once again, back to the thirty day blogging challenge. The next prompt is "Your feelings on ageism."

This is a tough one because I haven't spent much time thinking about ageism. Ageism is discrimination of people based on their age. Any discrimination is bad if it's based solely on some factor about the person they can't help. But you have to realize that a 90-year-old man is probably not going to be a very good fire fighter because he can't move as fast or be as strong as a 25-year-old man. Of course, there are exceptions. The 90 year old could be an exercise nut and the 25 year old a couch potato.

My thoughts on ageism or any type of discrimination (including affirmative action) is that people, no matter their sex, race, or age should be judged on their individual abilities, not on attributes they have no control over (such as sex, race, and age).

So this was pretty easy.

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