Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Place I Would Live (But Have Never Visited)

Italian Lake District
The blogging challenge continues and today's subject is "A place I would live but have never been to."

This is tough because it's hard to say you want to live someplace you've never been. I've been to Santiago, Chile and I thought it was very nice. It reminded me of central California except without the Californians.

True story: I got to Chile from Peru. Now you know you're not supposed to drink the water in South America. I checked into a Holiday Inn Express with a Jaguar dealership across the street. The room look so much like an American hotel room, I went to the bathroom and got a glass of water and drank it down without thinking. Then I realized I was drinking the tap water. But I tasted chlorine so I think it might have been okay.  I did get violently ill a few days later (with explosive diarrhea), but I think I picked that up in Peru.

I like Florida but my air conditioning bills would be murder in the summer because of the heat and humidity. Plus, I think I would miss having mountains.

But the one place I could see living that I've never visited is Northern Italy. Not only is the Ferrari factory there, but so are the Dolomites (extension of the Alps) and the Italian Lake District. Plus there's the wine and the food.

Italian is like Spanish as it's supposed to be fairly easy for English-speakers to learn. Plus being immersed in a language is a great way to learn it.

So if I had to live someplace I'd never been, it would probably be northern Italy. Where would you like to live that you've never been?

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