Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Canadian Rockies, Part Four: the Gondola

In part one of our Canadian Rockies adventure, we were at Lake Louise. In part two we drove around Banff. And in part three we drove up toward Jasper.

Today we're going to have pictures from our gondola trip up Lake Louise Ski Resort.

You ascend to 7,500 feet in the gondola. You can go up by ski lift chair by my wife wasn't comfortable doing that (and to be honest, I wasn't either, really).

Here's picture of one of the gondolas descending along with some ski chairs.

But the trip is worth it and these pictures don't due it justice. This was the nicest day we were in the Lake Louise area and the weather was beautiful.

You can see amazing mountains and Lake Louise from that height. Here's Lake Louise:

But the mountains are just gorgeous.

After being up there for about an hour, we rode the gondola back down. On the way down we saw a grizzly bear and were glad we were up in the air. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a picture of the bear.

We returned to the lodge.

Then we got in our car and drove to Waterton Lakes National Park. That'll be part five.

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