Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Canadian Rockies Part Five

It's time for the fifth and  final installment of pictures from my Canadian Rockies vacation.

In part one we has pictures from lovely Lake Louise. Part two we were in the Banff area. Part three we drove into Jasper National Park. And in part four, we rode a gondola up to 7,500 feet to view the mountains.

Today we are going to visit Waterton Lakes National Park. This is just north of Glacier National Park in Montana. Together the two parts form the Glacier-Waterton Peace Park.

It was still a beautiful day when we arrived and this was the view from our room's balcony:

That's Upper Waterton Lake (there's three lakes, this is the largest).

The next day started out clear but later got cloudy. We went to the north end of Cameron Lake which extends into Montana:

(The snowy ridge is in Montana.)

Then we went to Red Rocks Canyon, which did have red rocks but wasn't much of a canyon:

The next day the weather really socked in the morning with rain and clouds. But we went on the MV International down Upper Waterton Lake to the American side.

On the trip back, however, the weather cleared and it was beautiful And I got sunburned.

Finally that day we went to Cameron Falls which is just outside the town of Waterton:

I like how the water plays over the sloping layers.

The next day we took the long drive home.

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