Thursday, November 6, 2014

Huskies Beat Colorado!

Yes, I know it's Thursday and the game was last Saturday. Saturday morning, in fact.

The problem is, I'm doing NaNoWriMo and after writing 2,641 words in a day (that's what I'm averaging) that doesn't leave me wanting to write a lot more.

But I decided I should write about the Huskies' victory over the Colorado Buffaloes. But since it's been so long I don't remember a lot of the details.

For a great deal of the first half of the game, I was worried. What I thought would be an easy win for the Huskies was looking like a debacle. There weren't a lot of Husky mistakes, they were just being out-played by the 2-6 Buffaloes. In fact, this was, for the Huskies, a remarkably error-free and penalty-free game.

At the half the Huskies did managed to tighten up the score to 20-17 with Colorado in the lead.

But in the second half, Colorado only managed one field goal while the Huskies racked up 21 points for a final score of 38-23.

This brings the Huskies to 6-3 so far this season, but only 2-3 in the Pac 12.

And I have to correct something I said last week. Winning this game does not make the Huskies bowl eligible. To be bowl eligible you have to have a winning record. Most teams play 12 games so they are bowl eligible at six wins. But because the Huskies went to Hawaii they get to play an extra game and that means, with a 13-game schedule, they have to win seven to be bowl eligible. Which means they have to win one of their last four games against UCLA (currently ranked 18th), Arizona (ranked 19th), Oregon State and Washington State. Last week WSU's star quarter back had a college-career-ending injury in a broken fibia. So WSU should be easier to beat in the Apple Cup game.

Well, maybe next year we can be ranked and compete with the likes of Oregon and UCLA.

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