Monday, October 27, 2014

The Score Does Not Reflect the Game

I have not watched a University of Washington Husky football game live since the Stanford loss in September.  But I have watched them all DVR'd and avoided social media so I wouldn't learn the outcome until I watched the game.

Saturday's Husky game against #14 Arizona State was a defensive battle marked by high winds that not only rattled ESPN's satellite dish around enough that there were many interruptions of the picture and sound, but anytime the football went into the air, you had no idea what was going to happen. Both teams limited passing.

First the good news: the Husky defense was brilliant. They stopped a goal line stand by Arizona State to prevent them from capitalizing on a fumble. They got an interception and ran it in for a touchdown, the first Husky score of the game.

Now the bad news: Cyler Miles, the starting quarterback, did not play in the game due to a head injury in the Oregon loss. He had "concussion-like symptoms" and Coach Chris Petersen decided to keep him out of the game. So we had backup red-shirt freshman quarterback Troy Williams. It might have been the wind but Williams couldn't connect with passes very well. He fumbled the ball once (the one described above) and threw and interception which was ran in for a touchdown, making the score look worse than it did for the Huskies.

The game was very close until the end and the Huskies had moments of brilliance. But the wind and the backup quarterback both limited the offensive capabilities. The final score was 24-10 but before ASU scored 14 points (7 of those the interception), it was 10-10 and looked as if we might pull off a win.

Next week we play Colorado in Bolder, CO. And we'd better win. Colorado is 2-6 with zero wins in conference. I'll be watching that game live.


  1. That would be The People's Republic of Boulder.

    1. Well, not that pot is legal, it'll probably become The Mellow People's Republic of Boulder.