Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Don't Want to Talk About It

Here it is, Tuesday, and I've yet to write about the University of Washington Huskies game against the Oregon Ducks. I guess I don't want to talk about it.

Going into the game I was cautiously optimistic. The Ducks looked vulnerable having been nearly beaten by WSU (of all teams) and losing to Arizona (a loss that knocked them from #2 in the AP poll down to #11).  They had climbed back up to #9 by the time they faced the Huskies.

Also, the Huskies had played very well in their win over California the prior week. I thought if we could play that well, have a little good luck, we might beat the Ducks for the first time in ten years. But what I didn't realize was that a key offensive player for the Ducks was out with injuries for the three games including the loss to Arizona. And he was going to be back for the game with Washington.

At first it looked good. On their first position, the Husky defense held the Ducks to a three-and-out and then the offense put the first points on the board with a field goal.

It went downhill from there. The Huskies didn't play awfully. They just didn't play as brilliantly as they did the week before. And if there was luck to be had, it all seemed to go Oregon's way.

The final score was 20-45. This was not as bad as it could have been.

The Huskies are 5-2 but are 1-2 in conference. Next week we face #14 Arizona State, another tough opponent. We need one more win to be bowl eligible and that will, unless we are lucky and very good next week, come against Colorado who are currently 2-5. That game will be November 1st.

I guess we're back in re-building mode. Seems we have been since the year we went 0-12.

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