Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Internet is Impossible

The internet is impossible.

Today I went to a website that required a log in and a password.  I hadn't been there for a while so I hadn't needed to log in and I was nervous about remembering the password.

The log in was my email, so no problem there. But I had indeed forgotten the password. So I had to go through the "Forgot your password?" routine, have them email me a link, and change my password.

The internet is impossible!

You’re supposed to have a different one for every website/application you deal with.   That’s probably at least 10 (email, Facebook,, etc.) and probably more.

You’re supposed to use passwords that are at least 8 characters long, with numbers, caps, and special characters and no common words.

You’re supposed to change passwords every 30 days and never repeat a password.

And you’re not supposed to ever write a password down.

This is humanly impossible.

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