Sunday, September 21, 2014

Huskies are 4-0!

Now this is normally the time I would be giving a detailed, incisive discussion on yesterday's University of Washington Husky football game.

Only problem is: I didn't see it. I as at a family gathering. So I DVR'd it to watch today with the plan to studiously avoid hearing anything about the game. But then my Husky-hating cousin had to point out that Georgia State, a three-year-old football program whose single victory this year was against Abilene Christian, was leading 7-0 in the first quarter, and then leading 14-0 at halftime.

(My cousin doesn't like the Huskies and really doesn't like the Huskies since they picked up Chris Petersen as head coach. Petersen coached Boise State and, as an University of Idaho alum and fan, he hates Boise State.)

I was worried the Huskies had gone in over-confident and were blowing it as they nearly did against Hawaii. But I thought Husky head coach Chris Petersen would light a fire under the Huskies at half time and they would come out and win the game.  And that's apparently what happened because Georgia State never scored in the second half while the Huskies ran up 45 points to win 14-45. This has given UW a 4-0 start and only two games away from being bowl eligible. A pretty good begining for the new head coach.

Next week we play Stanford at home. The Cardinal (yes, the team's mascot is a color) was, last week, #16 (this week's poll is not out, yet) and has a 2-1 record, their only loss being to USC. They are also coming off a bye week, not playing this week (well, apparently the Huskies only played half a game this week). We'll have home-field advantage but Stanford is tough. The Huskies will have to be damn near perfect to win this game. The Huskies have a history (at least in the century) of winning games where they are considered the underdog (e.g., the win over USC in 2009). So maybe we can pull the upset again.

On a side note, as much as my cousin hates Boise State, I hate Washington State (the Cougars). But I have to commend the Cougs, for last night in Pullman they played the #2 team in the nation, the Oregon Ducks, and they lost. But it wasn't the blow-out everyone expected. The final score 38-31 Oregon. Be interesting to see if this affects their #2 ranking in the polls. Oregon is still undefeated but Wazzu came within 7 points of a tie game. And I do hate Oregon, too, so I was kind of hoping they could both lose.

When the polls come out I'll update!

UPDATE: And apparently Oregon's performance against the Cougars didn't hurt them: they are still #2 in the AP FBS poll. Stanford is still #16.

UPDATE #2: UW started at #25 in the preseason poll. After their difficult win over Hawaii, they dropped out of the poll never to be seen again (Hawaii is, so far, 1-3 this season, was 1-11 last season). A win over Stanford might get us ranked again. A decent showing might even do the trick. We'll have to see what happens next week. Only problem is, I have a Toastmaster speech contest I'm competing in that morning and while I'm DVR'ing the game, will probably not be able to watch all of it (if any) live.

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