Sunday, November 10, 2013

College Footbal Will Break Your Heart

I'm a little angry with Steve Sarkisian at the moment.  The University of Washington Husky football coach chose at the end of last nights 59-7 victory over Colorado chose to quit instead of kicking a field goal.  A successful field goal would have brought the score of the game to 62-7.  Rather the Huskies took a knee on 4th down with less than a minute left in the game.  The Colorado Buffaloes didn't even try to advance the ball and the game ended with a whimper.

Why did I want 62 points rather than 57?  Because I wanted every point we could get to show that the Huskies are back after losing three in a row, including a blow-out at Arizona State.  Yes, Colorado is the second worst team in the Pac-12 (California, who we beat two weeks ago with a bye last week, is the worst) but still, the more dramatically we destroyed Colorado the better we'll look going into bowl selection season.  And last night's win made the Dawgs bowl eligible.

I like college football and, of course, love my Huskies.  But the thing I like about college football breaks your heart at the same time.  You watch these kids grow and learn and get better over their time playing or a team.  But then they leave and go to the pros.  We had Jake Locker for four years (he started at quarterback as a true freshmen) and watched his ups and downs.  But then he left.  Current quarterback Keith Price is a senior.  He has one more game in Husky Stadium and, including a bowl game, four games left.  And he's been amazing this year.  These kids come up, turn into wonderful players you love to watch (such as Bishop Sankey) and then they leave.

 So what's great about college football is also what will break your heart.

The Dawgs have three regular-season games left: next Friday at UCLA, a game I think they have a chance to win; then at Oregon State where they should win; and finally the Apple Cup against Washington State that they'd better win.

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