Thursday, May 18, 2023

The British are Lazy

A "lift"
When it comes to language, I think the British are lazy. Mostly. I base this on the words they use and the number of syllables they are.

Think about it. US: apartment (3 syllables). British: flat (1 syllable)
US: flashlight (2 syllables). British: torch (1 syllable)
US: elevator (4 syllables). British: lift (1 syllable). 
US: french fry (2 syllables. British: chip (1 syllable).

But there are some other examples that go the other way such as "speed bump" (2 syllables) and "sleeping policeman" (5 syllables).

When is comes to cars, the British have a mixed bag. US: sedan (2 syllables). British: saloon (2 syllables).
US: coupe (1 syllable). British (coupé (2 syllables). US: hood (1 syllable). British: bonnet (2 syllables).

What do you think? Are the British lazy, or just smart? Let me know in the comments below.

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