Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Huskies Finish the Year 8-5

This will probably be my last college football blog post for about 258 days. (Stop cheering there in the back.)

Last night the University of Washington played #19 Boise State in the Las Vegas Bowl. And it was almost a blow out. With interceptions and just great defensive plays, the Huskies held the Broncos to 7 points, while scoring 31 themselves. At first the Broncos were marching down the field and I thought it would be a tough game. But then an interception stopped that drive. And the Broncos didn't finally score until the third quarter.

Of the 37,197 people there (which is pretty good for a minor bowl game), most of them seemed to be BSU fans (lots of flannel in the stands). But it didn't help.

Washington quarterback Jacob Eason had a few miscues, occasionally throwing the ball too hard for his receiver to catch it. I seriously think he should spend another year in college to work out his kinks. 

Running back Richard Newton had a good night with 69 net yards, even beating Salvon Ahmed's 20 yards. Newton made one touchdown and Ahmed made two.

This was, of course, Husky Coach Chris Petersen's last game. Next year Defensive Coordinator Jimmy Lake takes over.

Before this game, BSU was #18 and the AP poll (#19 in the CFP). I wonder if in the final AP poll, Washington will move back until the top 25. If I remember I'll check that.

So next year, 258 days away, we'll see how Jimmy Lake does.

Back when the Huskies sucked, I made a list of a "good" season. It was:

  • Win 8 games (they did that)
  • Beat WSU (they did that)
  • Beat Oregon (they didn't)
  • Go to a bowl and win it (they did that).

So not a bad season. Just not as good as we've come to expect from the Huskies.

See you next year.

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