Thursday, January 18, 2018

School Daze

Back to the 30 day blogging challenge. The next prompt is "What do you collect?" Well, I used to collect rejection slips. But I'm not really a collector of anything. I'd prefer to collect memories and pictures.

My old high school
So the next prompt is, "How has your school life been throughout the years?"

When I was in primary education (K-12) I hated school. It was boring. (Full disclosure: I never finished Kindergarten. It wasn't required in those days and was privately done, like preschool is now.)

I was teased and bullied for being a shy, quiet boy with flaming red hair. This lasted through most of high school. I remember one time in high school this bully was taunting me, trying to get me to throw a punch. I told him as confidently as I could something like, "I'm not going to hit you first, but if  you hit me, I'll destroy you." Yes, I was bluffing. But he never threw that punched. Called me a "chickenshit" and he and his gang walked away. I was either a junior or a sophomore in high school when this happened.

Young Santa Claus
College was different. First of all, it wasn't boring. I was finally challenged. And there was no bullying and just friendly teasing. Of course, by then my hair had mellowed from the near orange it was when I was a kid to more auburn. I had a beard and people said I looked like young Santa Claus from the kid's show Santa Claus is Coming to Town. And I had to admit, I rather did.

The biggest problem I had with college was that in high school I never had to study. In college, I had to study but I wasn't in the habit of it. So it took me a while to get into that groove.

When I went back to college after my military career and my major was engineering, I had to study a lot. I studied every day except Saturdays (I gave myself those days off) and then Sunday I usually studied all day. Except when I took a class called Chemical Engineering Unit Operations which was a lab class. Then I had to study on Saturdays, too. It sucked.

The hardest class I took in college was Fluid Dynamics. You did differential equations so much, I was doing them in my sleep. Now I couldn't do a differential equation if you held a gun to my head.

How was your school experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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