Friday, September 15, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Brad Abraham and Susan Kite

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are happy to welcome writers Brad Abraham and Susan Kite.

Brad Abraham

Brad Abraham is writer whose work includes the feature film Fresh Meat, the SyFy Channel thriller Stonehenge Apocalypse, and the miniseries Robocop Prime Directives. He is creator of the acclaimed comic book series Mixtape, and has written for such publications as Dreamwatch, Starburst, and Rue Morgue. A native of Ottawa Canada, he makes his home in NYC.

Brad's Works:

Magicians Impossible

Mixtape (comic book series)

Fresh Meat (film)

Brad's Links:


Susan Kite
Susan Kite

Susan Kite was born in Indiana, but moved extensively during her growing up years. The library was the first place she found after a move, avidly reading the works of Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, and many others. In her teens, she dabbled in writing, but with college and marriage, writing was mostly put on hold.

That changed about fifteen years ago when the writing bug bit again. A visit to the Mission San Luis Rey in California in 2001 and subsequent research became the catalyst to write her first novel, My House of Dreams.  Subsequently she began writing sci-fi stories and fantasy and The Mendel Experiment was published in 2014.

The author earned her degrees in English and Instructional Media at Utah State University. She worked in public school libraries for thirty-five years, and retired in May. Ms. Kite has been married to the love of her life, Dan, for almost 40 years. She has two children and 7 grandchildren and is still owned by the opinionated bossy cat and Chiweenie terrier.

Susan's Books:

The Mendel Experiment

Blue Fire

Power Stone of Alogol

Susan's Links:


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