Friday, January 13, 2017

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Anthony Caplan and Matt Posner

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are happy to welcome writers Anthony Caplan and Matt Posner.

Anthony Caplan
Anthony Caplan

Anthony Caplan is an independent writer, teacher and homesteader in northern New England. He has worked at various times as a shrimp fisherman, environmental activist, journalist, taxi-driver, builder, window-washer, and telemarketer, (the last for only a month, but one week he did win a four tape set of the greatest hits of George Jones for selling the most copies of Time-Life’s The Loggers.)

Currently, Caplan is working on restoring a 150-year-old farmstead where he and his family tend sheep and chickens, grow most of their own vegetables, and have a small apple orchard.

His road novels, Birdman and French Pond Road, trace the meanderings of Billy Kagan, a footloose soul striving after sanity and love in the last years of the last century. Latitudes – A Story of Coming Home, released in the summer of 2012, is a young boy’s transformative journey overcoming dysfunction, dislocation and distance. Savior, a dystopian thriller, published by Harvard Square Editions in April 2014, reached the top spot on the Amazon list of psychological suspense books. And his latest, The Victor's Heritage, features a teenaged heroine in a dystopian thriller one reviewer called “a definite must-read, no matter your age!”

Anthony's Books:

The Victor’s Heritage


Latitudes - A Story of Coming Home

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Matt Posner
Matt Posner

Matt Posner is an independent author and teacher from Queens, New York. He writes in multiple fiction and nonfiction genres.

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