Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gratuitous Swearing

Over the weekend I watched the movie Sully. Good movie; I highly recommend it.

It was rated PG-13 for "for some peril and brief strong language."

The "strong language" has to be very brief. I have read that in PG-13 films you are allowed to say the F-word once and only as an interjection. It can't refer to sex.

Now bad language doesn't bother me, in real life or in the movies. Hell, I've seen The Big Lebowski which has the F-word spoken 292 times according to the Internet Movie Database.

But in Sully, there was one and only one use of the F-word. And it was totally unnecessary. One character says "It's F-ing cold." They could have said "Damn, it's cold" or "It's damn cold."

I think the only other swear word was a "bullshit" at some point. But I'm not attuned to counting swear words as some people seem to be. Probably, again, because I'm not offended by them.

I have a theory. Without that gratuitous F-word, Sully would have been rated PG, probably. Since children's movies are usually rated PG (you pretty much have to watch a nature documentary to see a "G" rating these days), the producers didn't want people to think Sully was too mild. So they threw in a gratuitous F-word to get a PG-13 rating for marketing reason.

Which is rather silly. But goes to show how the movie rating system affects movies.

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