Wednesday, July 27, 2016


And we're back with the 30 day blogging challenge (that I'm doing in approximately 30 weeks). Today it says: "Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play and what your initial thought is." I assume, initial thought about the song.  Okay, here goes:

(By the way, my "music player" is my iPhone. and with the advent of Apple Music, I'm having a very hard time doing this. It seems I can't just say "play shuffled songs" through the settings. I'll try Siri. Ah, that worked)

1: Bach: The Goldberg Variations for keyboard BVW 988 "Variation 21 Canone alla Settima"  played by Glenn Gould in 1955.

Thoughts: Well, of course, "Ahhh, Bach." I have found only one piece by Bach I don't enjoy immensely and that's his early work of St. John's Passion. There's a precision and almost mathematical quality to Bach. The Goldberg Variations are no exception.

2: Already Gone by The Eagles. (Yes, my music taste is eclectic.)

Thoughts: Not my favorite Eagles song but still enjoyable. One of their more country-sounding pieces, but it was early in their career when they were a bit more country.

3. When the Whip Comes Down by The Rolling Stones.

Thoughts: Again, not my favorite Stones song but you can hardly go wrong with the Stones. This song is off the Some Girls album, the only Stone album I ever bought because it has a lot of songs I like. The Stones like to add a lot of energy to their music, some of it sexual. Listening to the Stones is an experience. It's not music you'd listen to for relaxation.


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