Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The X-Files is Back, I'm not Happy

Now I remember why I stopped watching the X-Files so long ago.

In case you've been living under a rock, the X-Files is back for a six-episode event that started Sunday. I missed it because I forgot about it. But a friend said it was available streaming from the Fox Website. So I watched it last night on my wife's iPad. By the way, the Fox streaming app is incredibly annoying. You have to watch the ads and unless you turn down your device, you have to hear the ads. And they run the same ads over and over and over again. They, at one break, ran an annoying promo for Empire three times in a row.

And I remembered why I stopped watching the X-Files. I loved the X-Files episodes about paranormal things. But when they got into the whole vast alien conspiracy thing, it turned me off.

You see, I don't buy conspiracies. From the JFK assassination (Oswald did it) to 9/11 truthers (no, it was not an inside job), I don't buy conspiracies. And the bigger the conspiracy, the less I buy it. Why? Because there's only one way to keep a secret between two people: one of them has to be dead. If a conspiracy requires 10 people to keep secret, someone will probably talk. If it requires 100 people, someone will talk. If it requires 1,000 people, lots of them will talk.

So this whole aliens/government conspiracy thing that the X-Files has at its core just annoys me. I can't suspend disbelief because it is so against my way of thinking. This is a huge conspiracy involving probably thousands of people. And no one went to the New York Times? For every Smoking Man there's a Snowden.

I'll watch the other five episodes, but I know it's going to raise my blood pressure to do so.

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