Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Semi-Serious Proposal to Make Football More Exciting

We're in the middle of the NFL playoffs (and the Seahawks have been eliminated) and we've seen some fun games. But I have an idea to make football a bit more exciting.

You know how basketball had the 3-point shot where if the ball is thrown behind a line, it counts for three points? I propose something like that for football. Here it is:

If a team starts from scrimmage behind the 30-yard line closest to the opposing team end zone, and makes a touchdown, they get 8 points instead of 6. This must be the first time they cross the 30-yard line. If they get pushed back behind the 30 yard line by penalties or sacks or whatever, then they are ineligible for the 8 point play.

This would give teams that are behind incentive to try more spectacular plays to get 8 points instead of 3. A touchdown with the point after could be 9 points. This could turn a game around.

It seems unfair that a team that slogs into the end zone for a touchdown from the 2 yard line gets the same number of points as a team that manages to make a play and do it from, say, the 35 yard line. It has to be from scrimmage, no punt or kick-off returns or interceptions.

This could make football even more exciting.

And yes, I'm only kind of serious.

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