Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Amusing Anecdote about Being Nearly Blind

Yesterday when I wrote my post about what is happening with my eyes, I thought about adding this story about the frustrations of not being able to see well.  Now I don't want to compare myself to people who are actually blind or have lost a significant amount of their vision.  But still, without glasses, I was pretty much helpless.

Case in point: I was on a business trip, traveling alone.  I spent the night in a motel room.  In the morning, I couldn't find my glasses.  I searched everywhere and could not locate them.  Of course, it didn't help that I could barely see them.  At home I would always put them in the exact same spot every night.  But in this motel, I apparently just put them down in some random spot.  I got in late, I was probably tired.

I was about to call the front desk for help ("Could you please send someone to my room to find my glasses?") when I remembered where I put them.  But they weren't there.  But "there" was right on the edge of a low dresser.  I got on my hands and knees and looked under the furniture.  And there they were.  They had somehow fallen off the dresser and then bounced under it.

I was very relieved and I didn't lose a bunch of time so I wasn't late for my seminar (which is, I think, what I was there for).  That wasn't long before I had LASIK and you can see why being able to open my eyes and see was such a revelation.  That and I didn't need glasses.

The good news is, even though my vision now is not perfect, it is nothing like it was before LASIK.  I can actually do most "life functions" without glasses.  Glasses just make it less blurry.  And driving sure is easier, now, too.

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