Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Movie Review: Hit and Run

I rented Hit and Run from Netflix (is it really "renting" when it's from Netflix?) despite it's low Rotten Tomatoes score because, well, it had a Corvette in it.  (I thought it was a Z06 but it was a Grand Sport.)  It also had a very cool Cadillac CTS-V stationwagon.

And had I realized that one of the stars was also the writer, director, and editor, I might have backed off.  But I didn't discover that until the end credits rolled.

Hit and Run was sometimes funny, occasionally had a cool car chase, but overall was just too dumb to be believed.  The main romantic relationship was completely unbelievable.  The girl was a hyper-politically correct liberal with a doctorate in "non-violent conflict resolution" and drove a Prius.  The guy was a criminal in the witness protection program who had a 700 horsepower 1967 Lincoln Continental (Apparently the actor owns the car in real life) that was very cool (except for the really big wheels and low low profile tires)(when will this stupid fad for obnoxiously big wheels end?).  Tom Arnold (who I like for some reason) plays a bumbling federal marshal (is there such a thing?).  The only believable character was the villain who liked dogs (and drove the CTS-V).

If the movie had concentrated on car chases with these amazing vehicles it probably would have been better.  But instead it had to go for cheap laughs (twice people walk in on an old and fat people orgy) and try to have character development the actor/writer just couldn't handle.  And there is far far too much discussion about a guy getting raped in jail.  So, it's kinda fun, but I don't think the fun is worth the bad parts.

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  1. Typical anti-male Hollywood liberal trash.