Thursday, November 17, 2022

Straight Indicator

The other day I was behind a pickup truck at an intersection. The guy didn't have any turn signals (blinkers) on, so I assumed he was going straight. But that's a bad assumption around Central Washington as I'd say at least half the drivers rarely bother with blinkers. And he did, in fact, go straight. But it got me thinking... maybe we need a "straight blinker" or a "straight indicator." 

We have turn signals but we have nothing that indicates that a car is going straight other than a lack of turn signals. My thought is, if people knew they had to signal that they were going straight, they might remember to signal they are turning. I'm thinking an amber light in the center on the car. And to activate it,  you push your turn signal stalk forward.

Then I thought more about it. You'd have to remember to do that at every single intersection. If you're going 55 down a country road and pass an intersection, you'd have to hit the "straight blinker." And this would be a pain and most people wouldn't do it. Including maybe... me.

Then I thought it could default to straight unless you turned on a turn signal. But that, too, would probably confuse everyone.

So I changed my mind. No straight indicators.

What do you think of straight indicators? Dumb idea or it might work? Let me know in the comments below.

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