Monday, July 29, 2019


Last week I took four days off and went to Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was very nice there. Even the weather cooperated giving us mostly sunny days that weren't too warm.

Cannon Beach is an interesting little town. It has purposely kept out chain businesses such as Starbucks. So everything has a local flavor to it. The only problem is, there isn't a gas station in the town. So you'd better plan ahead. (Perhaps that explains why there seemed to be a lot of Teslas there.)

But the scenery is amazing. This was taken from my hotel balcony at sunset:

The big rock in the picture is "Haystack Rock." It's a well-known feature of Cannon Beach. I would joke with the locals that it blocked my view of the ocean. They didn't seem to appreciate my jest.

There is a state park called Ecole State Park. The drive there is a bit unnerving as the road barely fits two cars and has lots of blind hills and corners. But the views are worth it. Here's looking back at Cannon Beach from that park:

One interesting thing about Cannon Beach, at least around my hotel, was the infestation of rabbits. I mentioned within earshot of a hotel employee that I thought they were cute and he said, "Take a few dozen home with you." Here's picture my wife took of one:

I don't think I've ever seen a white rabbit in the wild.

Overall it was a nice, relaxing vacation. I just wish hotel beds didn't make my back hurt so I end up sleeping in a chair for most of the night.

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