Friday, April 22, 2016

The Speculative Fiction Cantina with J.E. Bean and Nicholas Conley

Today on the Speculative Fiction Cantina we are happy to welcome writers J.E. Bean and Nicholas Conley.

J. E. Bean
J.E. Bean

J. E. Bean is a talented young author whose writing style is action-packed while developing strong character relationships. She is an avid reader who wrote her first novel Intellectual entirely at age 11. She is a native of Michigan where she lives with her family. She wants to inspire other persons her age to start
reading books again.  Watch for J. E. Bean’s second novel coming out later this year!

J.E.'s Book:


J.E.'s Link:


Nicholas Conley
Nicholas Conley

Nicholas Conley's passion for storytelling began at an early age, prompted by a love of science fiction novels, comic books and horror movies. His novel Pale Highway is influenced by his experience working with Alzheimer's patients in a nursing home, a subject that he has also written about for publications such as Vox. When not busy writing, Nicholas spends his time reading, traveling to new places, and indulging in a lifelong coffee habit. In order to better establish himself on the planet Earth, Nicholas has currently made his home in New Hampshire. More information on Nicholas can be found on his website,

Nicholas's Books:

Pale Highway

The Cage Legacy

Nicholas's Links:


From today's show: A Comet Blew Away Some of Mars's Atmosphere

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