Friday, January 3, 2014

My Wish for My Next Computer

The other day I was horrified to discover that the 3-year warranty on my "new" computer expired.  My current computer is a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop.  This is the first laptop I bought for myself because up until a few years ago, I considered laptops specialty computers not fit for everyday use.  But now they are just as powerful and have as much hard drive space as desktops (which is why desktops are going away although I suppose there will still be some call for them in business settings because they are a lot cheaper than laptops).  When I bought my laptop I got with it a docking station (and paid through the nose for it).  This allows me to plug my laptop into the docking station which hooks it up to my ergonomic keyboard, large monitor, printer, speakers, and regular mouse.  So it's just like having a desktop experience but when I need a laptop (travel, writers' group meetings, etc.) I have one.  I love it.  It also runs Windows 7 which I consider the best Microsoft Windows OS ever (and it took a lot for me to give up XP).  It seems Windows versions are best if they are uneven numbered, at least since Windows 97 (97 was good, ME sucked, XP was great, Vista sucked, 7 is great, 8 isn't so good from what I hear).

Now everything is moving toward tables, it seems.  And like the old fogy I am (I used to be an early adapter but now I'm old) I'm reluctant.  A table would be nice to have for those few times a laptop is too much.  But my iPhone seems to work fine for that.  But I have seen a Dell computer that is a tablet, laptop, and has a docking station and to me, that's near perfect.

What I want in my next computer is an iPad Air-sized and massed tablet, that turns into a laptop with a nice big keyboard (I have fat fingers) that docks into a docking station to emulate a desktop.  Oh, and I don't want to have to carry something that turns it from tablet to laptop but that could be a compromise (have a keyboard and a frame to hold the tablet).

That way I'd have the best of all three worlds.  And since I'm a writer, I need to be able to use my ergonomic keyboard that I love.  Oh, and operating system needs to be as powerful as Windows 7 and as simple to use as iOS 7.  Is that too much to ask?

I'm thinking when I do buy a new computer I'm going to wait for Windows 9 and hope the problems with Windows 8 are worked out (I did notice Windows 8 had a huge update).

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